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EzWebPresentation brings the power of webcasting to the Education field. With the evolution of Broadband, webcasting has become more powerful today enabling Delivery of Classroom Lectures to geographically dispersed student audience possible in a cost effective manner. Our EzWebPresentation service is technologically most advanced, very easy to deploy, and highly optimized for local Indian conditions today.

With real-time Audio, Video and PowerPoint slides delivery over the Internet, a teacher has all the tools available at his/her disposal to give the Lecture to his/her widely dispersed students. Through EzWebPresentation every student can view/listen to the lecture on the PC. Even they can ask questions through a Question box on their PC in real-time to their Teacher which the Teacher can then answer so that all his/her students can hear his/her reply. This 2-way real-time communications between the Teacher & the students create an almost real classroom like environment.

Whether it is Live or Pre-recorded webcasts of Lectures, EzWebPresentation opens up immense possibilities for Educational Institutes. Reaching out to students who can’t attend classes on your campus has been an enormous challenge so far. With EzWebPresentation your Institute suddenly can offer courses to students in any part of the globe.

Some of the benefits to Educational Institutes are as follows:
Educational Institutes can increase number of full-time students enrolled for their courses by reaching out to students    beyond their traditional campus boundaries.
Enroll more working class Professionals for their part-time Continuing Education programs.
No physical classroom space limitation.
More faculty availability by recruitment of outside campus faculty who can deliver lectures for both on-campus and off-   campus students over the Internet.
Cost savings due to lesser traveling required on part of faculty.
Some of the benefits to Faculty are as follows:
Less travel time required to reach geographically dispersed students.
Lectures can even be given from home or office desk.
Can pre-record lectures at a convenient time for later delivery over the Internet.
Pre-recorded lectures can be webcasted again & again for new batches of students.
Some of the benefits to Students are as follows:
Less travel time/costs required to reach physical classrooms.
Lectures can even be attended at home or at office desk.
Lectures can also be attended over Internet while on a short trip in another city.
Can access Lectures on demand at any time if allowed by the Institute.
No travel or time restrictions for ladies and younger students.
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