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EzWebPresentation is based on latest state of the art technology optimized for local conditions at the lowest possible cost for our customers. Our innovative new features make our solution really easy to use and deploy for our customers compared to anyone else in the market. The System block diagram looks as follows:

Presenter: This is where a Presenter uses his Laptop or a PC to deliver his PowerPoint presentation to his audience. In case no PowerPoint presentation is required then only audio and/or video as needed is sent to the EzWebPresentation Encoder machine.

EWP Encoder: This encoder machine at customer premises uses a specialized software which converts & compresses the incoming Audio, Video and PowerPoint information and sends them to our EWP Server machine located at our 24x7 Data center over the Internet using at least 128Kbits/sec connection.

EWP Server: This server machine acts as a global broadcast point for all participants. When any Participant clicks on an EzWebPresentation hyperlink on his PC, a direct link from his PC to this EWP server machine is established over the Internet using at least 56Kbits/sec connection.

Participant: Any Participant can join EzWebPresentation by clicking on a hyperlink on his PC and view the ongoing Presentation in an Internet Explorer (IE) window on his machine. Participant can also send questions/comments anytime to the Presenter using the same IE window. Minimum configuration for a Participant’s PC is as follows:

  Windows 2000, XP, Vista or above
  IE version 6.0 or above
Media Player version 9.0 or above
Internet connection 56Kbits/sec or above
Computer speakers
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