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Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications lie at the heart of strategic management, planning and control. All companies need ways to effectively communicate internally with their employees and externally with their shareholders. EzWebPresentation helps companies to continuously refine and position key message points, develop and update public relation materials for investor relations, manage the press release process more effectively and deliver a more consistent message to internal employees.

EzWebPresentation enables you to reach a large audience in a very inexpensive way by communicating over the Internet. Use EzWebPresentation for a company meeting and let every employee see your CEO live online. You need to create Training content once and then let anyone view it anytime at their own convenience. EzWebPresentation enables you to announce your earnings live to your shareholders, take their questions over the Internet, and provide links to related information. You can make sure your owners and your employees all have the right information they need to make the correct decisions.

 Benefits of using EzWebPresentation for Corporate communications include:

  Increased reach by delivering content right to the individual’s desktop or laptop computer.

  Ability to track and monitor the delivery of communications for measurable results.

  Ability to deliver a consistent message with the use of Audio, Video and PowerPoint.

  A more influential medium — Audio & Video presentations are more engaging than printed materials or static      websites.

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