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If you need to accelerate revenue, strengthen relationships with your customers, or must improve the results of your channel partners, EzWebPresentation is your solution...

EzWebPresentation helps your distributed Sales teams reach more prospects more often without extensive travel. It enables your Sales managers to help their Sales reps react more quickly to ever changing customer needs than your competition. And it empowers your channel partners to drive more sales for you than ever before. In short EzWebPresentation pays for itself within a very short time and provides tremendous ongoing ROI. It enables Sales organizations to deliver bottom-line improvements in key areas such as:

Channel Sales
Sales Training
Product Information
Channel Sales

EzWebPresentation powers Channel Sales programs that accelerate revenue and build long-term relationships with your customers and partners.

EzWebPresentation helps all aspects of Channel partner recruitment, certification, management, and Sales efforts. As a result Sales channel managers are able to:

Significantly reduce travel time and conference call costs associated with Channel recruitment, Sales support &    Training
Increase revenue streams from well-informed and well-supported Channel partners
Differentiate Partner management processes and build stronger relationships

Sales Training

EzWebPresentation helps Sales managers create and enhance Sales training programs that accelerate "ramp-up" time for new Sales hire and improves the productivity of your current Sales team.

With EzWebPresentation, Sales Training classes and seminars can all be used to support the complete range of Sales Training requirements and deliver mission critical company and product information in a timely manner. Sales managers benefit from:

Faster time-to-revenue for new Sales reps
Significantly lower Sales Training costs by decreasing travel, conference call costs and time away from the job
Reduced travel requirements for Training coaches
Integration of real-world Client experiences and peer learning for Sales reps
Both Live Training and Recorded work sessions

Product Information

EzWebPresentation helps Sales managers disseminate New Product information in a timely and uniform manner across different territories in a very cost effective way.

Communicating the latest Product features across the entire network of dispersed Sales reps, Distributors and Dealers is a continuous challenge as new products get launched all the time. Increasing the amount of print media or brochures for distribution can be too expensive and using simple web pages or emails are often not enough. Using EzWebPresentation a new product can easily be demonstrated to a widely dispersed and varied audience quickly and consistently. Rebroadcast of stored material and less travel time enable more effective use of Sales department’s limited resources.
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