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Whether you need faster Lead Generation, more effective Channel Programs that drive increased revenue, reduced marketing communications costs or streamlined Product Launch programs,

EzWebPresentation is your solution.

EzWebPresentation offers opportunities for new innovative programs that deliver measurable results without busting your Marketing budget. In short EzWebPresentation pays for itself within a very short time, provides tremendous on-going ROI, and offers distinctive opportunities for enhanced strategic business communications and processes. It enables marketing organizations to deliver bottom-line improvements in key areas such as:

Product Launch
Lead Generation
Channel Marketing

Product Launch

EzWebPresentation powers Product Launch programs that accelerate revenue and build long-term relationships with key customers and partners while strengthening your brand.

EzWebPresentation helps all aspects of planning, coordinating and implementing Product Launch programs. As a result Product marketing managers are able to:

Significantly lower Product Launch costs
Deliver a consistent message and training to Sales teams, customers and key partners
Synchronized Product rollout over geographically dispersed regions for greater impact

Lead Generation

EzWebPresentation users generate more qualified leads at a faster pace with lower costs.

EzWebPresentation enables Product marketing managers to:

Achieve higher levels of qualified sales leads
Lower Lead generation costs without sacrificing important lead generation programs
Gain wider reach into target audiences with both live and recorded content
Extend the marketing reach to include partners and key industry influencers

Channel Marketing

EzWebPresentation enables Channel marketing teams to accelerate Partner revenue, build long-term relationships, and promote their brand.

Web-based Sales meetings, Product announcements, and Product training are some of the applications of EzWebPresentation. With EzWebPresentation Channel marketing teams are able to:

Increase revenue from Channel Partners
Significantly lower travel and conference call costs
Build stronger Partner relationships
Offer wider range of Product training and certification options

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